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Lux Tufted Nail Bar
bar001 - $8,000.00
Chevron Reception Desk Flat Black
L60 x W24 x H42 (inch)
des004a - $3,750.00
Facet LED Reception Desk Black
L78 x W30 x H42 (inch)
des007a - $3,250.00
Valentino Lux Tufted Reception
L60 x W23 x H42 (inch)
des005 - $2,750.00
Valentino Lux Double Table Gloss White
L80 x W17 x H30 (inch)
tab005a - $2,500.00
Vicki Double Table Black
L72 x W18 x H30 (inch)
tab003a - $2,500.00
Rose Gold Manicure Table
L40 x W17 x H30 (inch)
tab011 - $2,495.00
Signature Dryer Station
W66 x D22 x H39 (inch)
dest4002 - $2,300.00
Lume Reception Desk Gloss Black
L60 x W22 x H42 (inch)
des003a - $2,250.00
Signature Double Table
W72 x D16 x H31 (inch)
tabt4006 - $2,000.00
Valentino Lux Nail Table Gloss White
L40 x W17 x H30 (inch)
tab004a - $1,350.00
TD-353 Glass Reception
dest4005 - $1,300.00
TD-357 Reception With LED Light
dest4004 - $1,300.00
AYC Sonoma Double Powder And Polish Device
JAT-NPORK-3532-KIT - $1,250.00
Triple Manicure Table NM906T Black
L104 x W15 x H30 (inch)
tab010a - $1,250.00
Vicki Nail Table Black
L41 x W18 x H30 (inch)
tab002a - $1,250.00
Signature Single Table
W42 x D15 x H30 (inch)
tabt4005 - $1,100.00
AYC Alera Reception Table With Display
CON-NRTBL-212-KIT - $1,085.00
AYC Verona II Nail Dryer Table
JAT-NDRY-621-KIT - $1,080.00
AYC BERKELEY Nail Dryer Table
CON-NDRY-621-KIT - $995.00
Show 1-20 / 52 item
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